Elite: High-level enterprise automation powered by AI

A highly adaptable tool that can adjust to a wide variety of business scenarios, customizing processes and data processing to meet the specific needs of any company or entity.

Empower Your Business with Customized Automation and Advanced Data Analytics Solutions

Customized Automation

Efficiently automate your business processes by tailoring Clodofy Elite to your unique business needs. Maximize efficiency and productivity while reducing errors and execution times.

Cutting-edge AI

We develop advanced artificial intelligence models with Clodofy Elite. Gain valuable insights from your data and make strategic decisions based on accurate predictive analytics.

Versatility for All Industries

Clodofy Elite adapts to any industry. Whether in banking, healthcare, retail or any other industry, our solution is customized to optimize your operations and improve decision making.

Why Clodofy Elite?

The adoption of advanced automation and data analytics solutions is increasingly crucial in today’s business environment. With Clodofy  Eliteyou will be on the cutting edge and avoid:

Operational inefficiency

Without automation and process optimization, a company could face significant inefficiencies in its operations, which could increase costs and reduce productivity.




Loss of savings opportunities

Lack of advanced data analysis could lead to missed opportunities to identify areas where costs can be reduced and efficiency improved.




Limited decision making

Without accurate forecasting models and data analysis, strategic decisions may be based on incomplete or outdated information, which could negatively affect the direction of the company.




Reduced competitiveness

In a market where other companies are adopting advanced automation and data analytics solutions, failure to do so could leave a company at a competitive disadvantage.




Unsatisfactory customer experience

Lack of efficiency in customer service and the inability to personalize experiences could lead to an unsatisfactory customer experience, which could result in the loss of customers.




Compliance with rules and regulations

In regulated industries, not having the ability to automate and track compliance processes could result in penalties or fines.




Quick start-up, easier day-to-day use and affordable

Clodofy ERP & CRM is a software that allows you to be at another level. We offer you a premium and personalized service, only suitable for companies that really want to have total control over their company. In an easy and simple way.

Fully integrated with all Clodofy Apps

This is everything Clodofy can manage. Everything you need to centralice your business in one place. On one price. It doesn´t get better than that


Integrated communication tool fostering efficient team collaboration through real-time messaging, file sharing and videocalls.


Dynamic CRM tool automates sales, tracks leads, manages interactions, and boosts sales performance.


Automate quotes, e-signatures, manage rates, and convert sales to invoices seamlessly.


Leverage Clodofy's Purchase module for efficient supplier collaboration and optimized purchasing operations.

Invoicing & Accounting

Streamline invoicing, accounting, auto-reconcile banks, and secure online payments with Odoo.


Streamlined inventory management with real-time tracking, optimized stock, barcode support, and seamless integration.


Empower employees to effortlessly track, submit, and get expenses approved.


Streamline HR with Clodofy: employee management, attendance, time off, payroll, and performance evaluation.

Point of Sale

Seamless retail transactions with Clodofy's Point of Sale: user-friendly, integrated inventory, real-time reporting.


Simplified tasks, resources, and collaboration, empowering efficient project execution with real-time tracking.

Website & Ecommerce

Leverage Clodofy's platform to effortlessly create and manage e-commerce websites and pages for your business.


Enable comprehensive marketing tools for campaigns, leads, automation, and analysis to empower businesses.

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