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Standard Plan


✓Private Hosting with 100% data security
✓25GB Data Storage
✓Unlimited Support via Email, Ticket
✓Single Company
✓Kick Off
✓Getting Started Guide
✓Free migration from QuickBooks Online
✕Bank Synchronization
✕Custom Code
✕External API Enabled




Custom Plan


✓Private Hosting with 100% data security
✓100GB Data Storage
✓Unlimited Support via Email, Ticket
✓Multiple Company
✓Kick Off
✓Getting Started Guide
✓Free migration from QuickBooks Online
✓Bank Synchronization
✓Custom Code
✓External API Enabled

On Boarding Services


$ 1499


$ 2499


$ 4999

All plans include all Apps


Integrated communication tool fostering efficient team collaboration through real-time messaging, file sharing and videocalls.


Dynamic CRM tool automates sales, tracks leads, manages interactions, and boosts sales performance.


Automate quotes, e-signatures, manage rates, and convert sales to invoices seamlessly.


Leverage Clodofy's Purchase module for efficient supplier collaboration and optimized purchasing operations.

Invoicing & Accounting

Streamline invoicing, accounting, auto-reconcile banks, and secure online payments with Odoo.


Streamlined inventory management with real-time tracking, optimized stock, barcode support, and seamless integration.


Empower employees to effortlessly track, submit, and get expenses approved.


Streamline HR with Clodofy: employee management, attendance, time off, payroll, and performance evaluation.

Point of Sale

Seamless retail transactions with Clodofy's Point of Sale: user-friendly, integrated inventory, real-time reporting.


Simplified tasks, resources, and collaboration, empowering efficient project execution with real-time tracking.

Website & Ecommerce

Leverage Clodofy's platform to effortlessly create and manage e-commerce websites and pages for your business.


Enable comprehensive marketing tools for campaigns, leads, automation, and analysis to empower businesses.

All covered

Private Hosting

Your privacy is our priority. With a Clodofy private space, your company data remains exclusively yours. Rest assured, no one else has access to your information. Your business, your control.

Support & Maintenance

With us, you're covered. Our services include comprehensive server support and maintenance. In case of any issues or system failures, our team is here to ensure smooth operations.

Daily Backups

Your peace of mind is paramount. Our services encompass daily complete server backups. Your data's security is assured, allowing you to focus on your business with confidence.

Easy and Fast Startup

Say goodbye to delays. Getting up and running with Clodofy is a breeze, you'll have it up and running in 24 hours. Our seamless process ensures fast and easy onboarding, so you can focus on growing your business.

Learning Platform

Empowering your expertise. Enjoy an all-inclusive learning platform featuring step-by-step Clodofy guides. Navigate the system with confidence and elevate your business operations effortlessly.

On Demand On Boarding Service

Unlock the exclusive premium support, services, and tailored solutions. Elevate your experience with seamless assistance, enhancements, and bespoke development, ensuring success and growth.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Private Hosting?

A private hosting is a self-contained unit that encapsulates an application and its dependencies using Clodofy technology (Powered by Docker). Unlike public containers available for anyone, a private container is exclusively accessible to you and authorized users. This ensures data security, privacy, and control over the container's content. Our containers are ideal for safeguarding sensitive data while leveraging the efficiency, performance and consistency benefits of Clodofy.

Which plan should I choose?

Depending on the size of your company and the processes you are going to manage with Clodofy you should select one plan or another. Below, we will guide you about the plan you should choose:

Both plans offer unlimited access to all Clodofy applications.

The standard plan is aimed at small and medium sized companies that want to manage their business with Clodofy and all applications.

The custom plan is aimed at larger companies with complex processes that need customization of features and a more constant follow-up by our support team. It also gives you more storage and the ability to manage multiple companies from a single instance.

What is the user here?

A User could be an employee or a manager or a supplier (who has access to your Clodofy instance). Such as clients/customers (portal users) or visitors of your Clodofy website will not be counted as a user.

What Kind of support does the online subscription include?

We provide functional support and bug fixing services from Monday to Friday during standard business hours.

Are all apps included with all plans with unlimited use?

Absolutely! Clodofy offers a comprehensive package where all apps are fully included in all plans, allowing unlimited use for your business needs. Embrace the power of limitless possibilities and drive your business forward with Clodofy's all-inclusive and flexible offerings.

Is it possible to use my own domain name?

Yes, our experts will help you set up your domain using Clodofy for your website and also to manage your emails using the same domain name

What services are included with our plans?

Clodofy's hosting plans offer a wealth of valuable services to enhance your Clodofy experience:

  1. Private Hosting: Benefit from the security and performance of a dedicated space only for you.

  2. Clodofy Features: Access our exclusive service and features for seamless management.

  3. Technical Maintenance: Leave the technical upkeep to us, ensuring smooth operations.

  4. Daily Backups: Your data is safe with daily backups, ensuring data integrity and protection.

  5. Special Discounts: Enjoy attractive discounts on our service plans for cost-effective solutions.

  6. And much more: We are committed to providing extensive services for your business success.

Trust Clodofy to provide top-tier hosting solutions, tailored to meet your unique requirements and drive your business forward.

Do you offer plans for consulting, support, training, and development services?

Certainly! At Clodofy, we have a range of plans tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require technical support to resolve issues, professional training to empower your team, or custom development services to enhance your Clodofy implementation, we've got you covered. Our dedicated experts are here to provide top-notch support and guidance, ensuring you get the most out of your Clodofy experience. Choose from our On Boarding available plans and take advantage of our comprehensive support, training, and development services to propel your business to new heights.

How do I select the right implementation service of On Boarding?

You can talk to our experts you can fill the form. We do have types of on boarding hours. According to our experience we recommend the best suitable business pack for our customers so that customers can deploy Clodofy successfully.

What type of updates I will get?

You’ll get regular updates regarding bug fixes and security updates.

What is Clodofy based on?

Clodofy is based on high-level Open Source tools (Odoo and Docker), which guarantees total control over the source code and the possibility of constant improvements.

Because Clodofy is based on Odoo ERP, with a large community of users, it is compatible with all Odoo applications and modules on the market.

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